Our Services

Geospatial Bootcamp

Bootcamp, which runs twice a year, aims to equip college stu dents with employambe skill in geospatial technology. At the end of the program each student presents their outputs.

Geospastial for Kids

ROOTGIS helps youngesters as well as parents to expose children in aged between 7 - 12 in geospatial knowledge and skills.


ROOTGIS in partnership with Eastern and Southern Africa Region Hub, facilitates Mapathons to college students and community groups as efforts towards contributing free and open data

Data Roadmap

In harnessing data revolution, our team of experts can help organization at nation and global assess the strength and weakness of different frameworks to monitor data for sustainable development

Data Analysis

ROOTGIS helps researchers, businesses and organizations to highlight patterns, relationships as well as errors existing in their data.

Tailored Training

ROOTGIS offers customized and tailored geospatial trainings as per client needs.

Data Visualization

Through the growth of tech. ROOTGIS offers data visualization services to help organization in need by use of interactive and static dashboards.

Women in Geospatial

The Women in Geospatial (WiGeo) is an initiative to encourage involvement of more women in STEM and Geospatial aspects at large. The goal is to ensure that women have necessary geospatial skills to climb the ladder towards decision making positions.

ROOTGIS Incubator

It is a hub for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. RSpace continues to drive advancements in various fields ranging from geospatial, information technology to artificial intelligence and more. Its impact on the nation economy and technological innovation remains significant, attracting talent and investments from around the country and world.

Our Portfolio

Putting Tanga Communities on the Map

ROOTGIS works with community members in Tanga to create a free, editable map of Tanga. The data created supports developments projects in Tanga

OpenSteetMap (OSM)Swahili

ROOTGIS works OpenStreetMap Foundation and Humanitarian OpenStreet Team (HOT) to translate OSM and HOT info into Swahili, for local communities to get updated information from OSM nad HOT

Digital Data

ROOTGIS leverages state-of the-art technologies to deliver digital data solutions for diverse applications, harnessing modern and cost-effective mapping technologies such as smartphones and similar innovations

Drone Operations and Maintanances

OOTGIS harnesses locally crafted drone technology to meet the specific needs of our clients. By assembling our own drones, ROOTGIS ensures tailored solutions that precisely meet our clients’ requirements

About Us

ROOTGIS is at the forefront of pioneering geospatial technology and science awareness and usage within local communities. While geospatial technology has long been utilized by organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies, its widespread understanding remains limited among the general population. Our core mission is to democratize GIS knowledge, ensuring that every member of our community gains a funda mental understanding of Geospatial technology and its applications in problem-solving.

Our Skills

  • Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Capacity Building
  • Data Roadmap
Antidius Kawamala
Executive Director
Nguza Kinonda
Chief Finance Officer
Simon Machera
Chief Technical Officer
Dr. George Mulamula
Senior Advisor: Innovation & Technology
Noreen Given
Senior Relationship Manager
Liberatha Kawamala
Senior Communications Manager
Amani Swai
MEAL Manager

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