What we do


We are meeting market demands with cutting-edge technology solutions

Putting Tanga Communities on the Map

Our flagship product is a free, customizable map of Tanga created collaboratively with local community members. This dynamic map serves as a comprehensive resource supporting various development projects in the region.

OSM Swahili

Partnering with the OpenStreetMap Foundation and Humanitarian OpenStreet Team (HOT), we translate essential information from OSM and HOT into Swahili. This initiative ensures local communities have access to updated information vital for their needs.


ROOTGIS in partnership with Eastern and Southern Africa
Region Hub, facilitates
Mapathons to college students and community groups as efforts towards contributing free and open data

Locally made Drones

Through locally engineered
drone technology, ROOTGIS
addresses specific client needs.
By assembling customized
drones, we provide tailored
solutions that precisely meet our
clients’ requirements.

Geospastial for Kids

ROOTGIS helps youngesters as well as parents to
expose children in aged
between 7 – 12 in geospatial knowledge and skills

Data Hosting

Hub for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. ROOTGIS continues to drive advancements in various fields by providing a digital space to host digital data for organizations and individuals ranging from geospatial, information technology..


Geospatial Bootcamp

Bootcamp, which runs twice a year, aims to equip college students with employambe skill in geospatial technology. At the end of the program each student presents their outputs.

Data Analysis

ROOTGIS helps researchers,
businesses and organizations to
highlight patterns,
relationships as well as errors
existing in their data

Tailored Training

ROOTGIS offers customized and
tailored geospatial trainings as
per client needs.